Phones, Laptops and Wireless Access cards. While they are all powerful tools, they are all reliant on the end user, the device that’s being used, an internal corporate network and the wireless carrier.  To ensure success, all of these need to work in unison.

When there are issues do you know who to call?  Save time and call one company.  Irwin Holmes Technology. Our customer support advocates are professional, experienced, helpful, and efficient. All of our advocates are certified on all the major wireless mobility solutions that your device is dependent upon.

We provide inital support to troubleshoot device issues. If the problem reaches the carrier level, we act as your intermediary to effectively and efficiently resolve the issue with as little time investment from you as possible. Our strong relationships with major national carriers provides you with seamless, excellent customer service.

Some services we provide as your help desk:

  • Device orders and service activation
  • “How do I…” questions
  • Device training and troubleshooting
  • Network selection and coverage
  • PIM synchronization and operations

Purchasing a device from another source may be an option, but getting on demand, high quality support is not. Contact Irwin Holmes to find out more about how you can benefit from our wireless data expertise.

Wireless Support for your Business:

  • Wireless Internet Email
  • Wireless Mobility Solution (Silver)
  • Wireless Mobility Solution (Gold)
  • Wireless Mobility Solution (Platinum)

As the wireless data world shifts and innovates at alarming speeds, your enterprise risks getting lost in the fray.  Wireless data solutions like BlackBerry, Good for Enterprise and Exchange ActiveSync have a myriad of benefits for your company, but ensuring optimal utilization and performance often proves elusive.

That’s why Irwin Holmes Technology offers experience and expertise where you need it most. Our unique approach to mobilizing your company ensures total security, reduced costs, and heightened productivity.

Our solution is structured to make certain we get your company everything it needs to succeed in the wireless data space.