Need help now?  Call us at 866.989.6819.

Irwin Holmes Technology provides remote, US-based, 24/7 telephone technical support.

This includes not only help with things that don’t work but also includes support for all of the popular desktop applications.

We save you time and money since you don’t need to schedule or pay a hourly minimum for support.


  • Securely remote to your computer to address the issue
  • Minimize PC stress and frustration with a quick resolution.
  • Eliminate downtime trying to figure it out or waiting for a tech to get on-site
  • Stop wandering around asking fellow employees, friends or family for assistance
  • Get the job done more effectively
  • Application training on demand
  • Every call answered by U.S.-based, certified computer consultants within an average of two rings
  • Enhanced support of mobile computing devices (Blackberry, Treo, iPhone etc.)

If your issue is non urgent you can reach us here.