Video surveillance systems secure our cities, schools, businesses, hospitals.   Today there is even greater pressure now than ever before to find solutions that enable organizations to deploy video surveillance in a simple, cost-effective manner.

With the advent of IP based digital video cameras and the ability to connect these devices to networks and stream video over the Internet, the market for video surveillance has exploded.  Users are now digitally recording weeks and controlling cameras from their iPhones.

With the ease and low cost of deployment video surveillance becomes an affordable choice for many applications.

  • Residential – Extended travel, or second homes and pets.  If you want to remotely monitor them you easily can.
  • Businesses – Video surveillance to provide perimeter security for their buildings, parking lots employees and customers.
  • Public Safety – Police departments and other public safety organizations can monitor problematic areas throughout a city.
  • Education – Schools and universities can monitor trouble areas to protect their students throughout a campus.
  • Health Care – Monitoring for health care facilities that provides the ability to secure hospital assets and augment patient security.

By pairing industry leading video surveillance solutions from Axis Communications and others with leading wireless and wired infrastructure we provide a superior end to end solution.