Irwin Holmes Technology hosts websites. Big and Small.

For years we’ve taken complex technology and simplified it for the everyday website owner. Hands on or hands off client our hosting solutions are designed to be powerful, affordable and relevant.  To be the best we partner with the best.

Why Irwin Holmes Technology Hosting?

  1. The web needed a new hosting partner. In 2006, shared server technology died. The web changed, and so have the requirements of site owners. Traffic is up and traditional servers are buckling under the pressure. A new solution was needed that could handle overnight load spikes without costly reconfiguration. We had to partner with the best and those that are re-inventing web hosting.
  2. Top tier data centers. The data centers provide some of the highest level design and engineering features available in the world; surpassing up-time, security, cooling and power redundancy standards of most other hosting facilities.
  3. We rise to the challenge. Just like all complex systems, hosting services occasionally encounter problems. When something unexpected happens within our network that affects your websites, we immediately rise to the challenge.

A redundant, private Fiber connection is in place between the East and West data centers. This connection provides extremely low latency network operations between both facilities and a secure communication link for future services that will allow our customers to take advantage of multi-site hosting capabilities.

West Coast Facility

The space is in approximately 7,000 square feet currently with room for expansion up to 40,000 square feet. The center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. On-site armed security is around-the-clock. They monitor the alarm system and security cameras that are on all perimeter points of ingress/egress to the building. Bulletproof security station and shipping/receiving areas with a Biometric security system are also in place. Our personnel require authorized escorted visitations. 24” raised floor manufactured by Maxcess covering every square foot of our cages, MDF and Network Operation Center.

  • N+2 redundancy backup power
  • N+2 redundant cooling system
  • 24/7 monitored fire suppression
  • 24/7 armed security
  • 48” raised floors

East Coast Facility

Situated on 17 acres of land at the Ashburn Corporate Center in Loudoun County, Virginia. Ground-up development began in 2006 and was completed in late 2007. The facility’s flexible design and enhanced power and cooling capacity make it one of the leading data center facilities in the world. The raised square footage is divided into 20 separate computer rooms, each of which is served by an independent and dedicated critical electrical backup system. This design enables each computer room to function independently. Approximately 300,000 gross square feet (not including 40,000 square feet dedicated to housing generators) and 171,300 raised square feet, with a critical load of 36.4 MW.

  • Two independent commercial power feeds
  • N+1 redundancy backup power
  • N+2 redundant cooling system
  • 24/7 monitored fire suppression
  • 24/7 armed security
  • 24” Maxcess raised floors