What to do if your web mail account is hacked?

Go through the following steps, one by one: 1. Before you do anything else, change your account password to something very safe. Need help with a password?  See this article.  Do not a dictionary word or name, or even a word plus numbers. Use symbols such as $ and & in your password, and make […]

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Security updates for April 13, 2010

The bulletin for April includes 11 security updates: eight for the Windows operating system, two for Microsoft Office, and one for Microsoft Exchange. Also, make sure that you’ve downloaded the out-of-band security update for Internet Explorer that was released March 30. Get updates from Microsoft Update See a summary of the updates Watch a short […]

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New Apple MacBook Pros

(Wired Magizine) “Apple has, at last, updated its MacBook Pro Line with new CPUs and graphics. The 15-inch can now be had with Intel’s Core i5 and i7 chips and the 17-inch gets the i5 as standard and the i7 as an option. This speeds things up, although the clock speeds actually drop, maxing out […]

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Malware protection via DNS

A simple and free way to keep your home or business safe from Malware (virus, spyware etc) is to use OpenDNS. OpenDNS Malware Protection: How securing your DNS can make all the difference OpenDNS provides industry-leading malware protection that’s delivered through the DNS layer. Unlike more traditional malware blocking services, our innovative approach actually blocks […]

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Data Recovery Insurance

Recently we have seen a resurgence in data recovery needs due to failed memory cards, thumb drives or disks.  Or even worse no one was checking the backups to see if they were working.   In tight economic times paying for that recovery can be expensive, but many don’t know that your Insurance may Cover […]

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Microsoft Critical Security Update 2/9

Today Microsoft released 13 important Security updates.  These effect Windows and Office applications. ComputerWorld confirmed that it “patches 26 bugs, including several that pose serious threat to Windows users” To get security updates automatically please follow the following directions: You may already have the update if you have automatic updating turned on. To learn about […]

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The Apple iPad

So we are already getting calls.  Whats our take on the iPad?  In short its a new class of product.  Its not a laptop, and its not a phone so don’t bother comparing it to either.  Its a tablet.  Its designed for browsing…  Browsing what?  Browsing media (books, movies, music, pictures, email, games, web pages […]

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Time to change your password?

For you business users we implement policies so this is not an issue however are you changing your personal passwords?  Every year we recommend you refresh your password.  Ideally we like them to be a min of 8 characters, with one: caps, number and symbol. Examples are: ilove2shop! or yes!Iml8 The NY times wrote a […]

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Microsoft Security Alert 1/20

Update: Updates will be automatically installed by systems configured to receive such updates. Those who don’t want to wait can manually apply the patch by visiting this link with IE. ————- Microsoft recently identified a vulnerability in Internet Explorer that could allow for remote code execution. It is the same security hole exploited in the […]

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Apple Security Alert 1/20

Apple released a critical update for Mac OS X, addressing 12 vulnerabilities in the operating system. This update should be downloaded and installed immediately. Installing this update will aid in protecting your computer from arbitrary code execution, application termination or remote denial of service. Security Update 2010-001 Systems Affected: Mac OS X 10.5, Mac OS […]

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