Go through the following steps, one by one:

1. Before you do anything else, change your account password to something very safe. Need help with a password?  See this article.  Do not a dictionary word or name, or even a word plus numbers. Use symbols such as $ and & in your password, and make it long. I know it is difficult to remember, but if you don’t want to be hacked, you’ll have to start using strong passwords.

2. Check that your autoresponse and email signature to make sure there is no spam text added as this would go out to your contacts automatically.

3. Then check that your computer does not have spyware or viruses.  How do I do this?  Please contact us now as there is no one best fix.  Learn more here. 415 456 4431.

4. Keep your passwords safe, and be extra careful when using public computers (such as those in Internet cafes). If in doubt – change your passwords.

5. You may want to alert your mail provider support to the problem. It seems to be happening all over the place, and the more they know about it, the better it is for their efforts to address it.